Posted on July 31, 2018

Have you read the story of Jonah and the whale or heard of the story? How the big whale swallowed Jonah up and he stayed in the belly of the fish for 3 days until the fish spit him out? This is interesting but why was he swallowed in the first place? Disobedience to God? You see, God told Jonah to go to Nineveh but he didn’t listen or did he want to go which is probably both reasons and instead he bought a ticket on a ship heading to Tarshish..basically he was running away from God. >Continue Reading


destination planning

Posted on February 18, 2018

Planning a trip and having a good plan will be instrumental in your adventure being successful. First things first -where do you want to go? Pretty simple question right? It’s not always easy to figure out… Rome, London or Paris? You might want to visit several cities and here is where the research begins.

I would like to add here before your research begins that we live in a big world full of wonderful culture and cities waiting to be explored. Some people are fearful to leave their own country or city for that matter to experience the world..don’t be one of those who listen to fear and give in. I’ve wrote a post on the Traveler’s Heart. Be smart of course but be willing to step out and see what is out there. Ok..now that the heavy is out of the way..let’s start planning an epic journey. Also a side note, I sometimes travel with my mom who has some limitations on her travel. I wrote a post in case you have a similar situation. Just because someone has limitations does not have to limit them on a great vacation experience. Check out my post here Traveling with limitations.   >Continue Reading

Traveler's Heart

Posted on October 9, 2017

IT’S NOT SAFE TO TRAVEL…THERE….Do you have a Traveler’s Heart? If so, then this post is something you will probably relate to. Have you ever been told that it’s not safe to travel outside of your own country? I have… countless times and I must admit it’s starting to aggravate me. I’ve just returned from traveling through Europe and came home with the most amazing memories and stories to share.

While on my adventure there was an attack in London on one of the tube trains at Parsons Green station. Very thankfully no one was killed. I had just left London the day before heading to Milan.  While in Milan I saw the news report and was saddened to hear of yet another attack in London. I thought about how I was just there and even more so was on that tube line several days prior. Yet, not one thought came to me about not traveling back to London to visit. Continue Reading >


Posted on August 21, 2017

Any discussion that is had about highly successful people, persistence is usually one of the core ingredients and important factors that is attributed to their success. Their major success does not come easy and not without a lot of effort and failure. Resistance is likely to be a road block that will show up…but they accept the challenge and plow through it.

Persistence is the major key that will carry us through to achieving dreams and meeting goals that we want for our life. It is in each and everyone one of us, it’s buried deep down inside and when our dreams and visions start to materialize, persistence will raise up and will not let us wear the label of quitter. It’s the quiet tiny little voice that pushes and pushes while it’s not pretty or handsome it does have the strength of a lion and it’s roar is just as loud. At that point we are given a choice to keep moving forward or quit under pressure.   Continue Reading >


7 days of forward thinking

Posted on July 23, 2017

Do you think and feel stuck? Perhaps you don’t think your life is moving in the direction you want it be? The keyword to both questions is think. What we spend time focusing our thoughts on is what is creating the life around us and making it come to pass. Our thoughts are the building blocks of our reality.

Neuroscience now proves that our thoughts can change the structure and function of our brains. By practicing positive thought patterns (affirmations) repetitively, we actually create neuroplasticity in the area of the brain that processes what we are thinking about. The key is in repetition. Continue Reading >

thoughts and determination

Posted on June 25, 2017

Have you ever witnessed a dog with a bone and someone comes along and tries to take the bone from the dog? The look on the angry dog’s face is priceless. This dog is determined to keep the bone and to keep the thief from stealing it with all of its might.

That’s exactly how we have to be in our business, blogs or whatever our passion is in life. We have to have a fierceness and determination in the belief that we are going to be a success and make a difference. Let’s take starting a business for example. At first there is the emotional and euphoric cloud high we are floating around on. The plan is in place, the website is purchased and built and the product is in hand. Now what? This is where fierce determination comes in. We have to grit our teeth and bear down on our dreams. We can’t let obstacles or people get in our way and steel our dream.  No matter how small or large our dreams and visions are the process is the same. Bear down, dig in and don’t give up!

There will be times of great celebration but there will be times when our outer circle is whispering to us that it is a good idea to just quit and count the loses! There is something deep down that is telling you to keep moving forward. How bad do you want to succeed?  When it comes to the dog with the bone, well.. he’s not giving in by any means. Challenges come by way of the nay-sayers, financial restrictions and sometimes health. But it still boils down to not giving up. Small wins are better than no wins. Don’t measure your progress by someone else’s- it’s all about you and your race. Continue Reading >

When A Breakthrough is needed

Posted on May 30, 2017

Have you ever read about someone who was on the verge of great success but they “clocked out early” and didn’t wait for the breakthrough to come? They were almost there..it was within reach and the dream was killed before it was ever born? If they would have just waited a little longer and not given up.

What do you do when you don’t know what to do? The biggest question that many people face is, “What am I supposed to be doing?” Have you ever felt at war with yourself? Something is raging inside..so eager to come out but you don’t know how to go about letting it out? How does someone control this dream that wants to be born  but don’t know how to go about it? Continue Reading >


the hijacked browserPosted on May 8, 2017

Malware/Scareware: Malicious software that is intended to damage or disable computers and computer systems. Sometimes scare tactics are used by the perpetrators to solicit funds from victims (Internet Fraud). This is exactly what I experienced  this weekend and I like to pass on things I experience in life because if it happens to me there are usually a whole lot of others who are experiencing it now or will in the future. This particular incident may be old news to some..but it sure was new to me.

Friday morning I received a phone call from my mom and she was in a tizzy..you see she was working on her computer and up pops a message box stating in bold letters Windows Security Microsoft Edge. The rest of the intrusive message stated there is suspicious activity at your IP address and a possible virus could be on the computer. It went on to state she will need to call the toll-free number for further information. STOP: DON’T CALL!  Continue Reading >

Travel Planning

Posted on April 17, 2017

Planning a trip and having a good plan will be instrumental in your adventure being successful. First things first- where do you want to go? Pretty simple question right, but not always easy to figure out. Rome, London or Paris? You might want to visit several cities and this is where the research begins.

I really enjoy the research and the challenge so that helps somewhat in narrowing down exactly where to go. If not knowing where to start, the following tips and guides will help. Planning and organizing a trip can be overwhelming at times, although there are apps, websites and travel agents who can assist with your booking needs. Some ground work should be laid first in order to build the trip; the following tips are a guide to help do just that and pull together a great travel adventure. Let’s get started. Continue Reading >

Your Time To Shne

Posted on April 10, 2017

I would like to share with all women and raise a shout out to each of you to say “IT’S YOUR TIME TO SHINE!”

Are you daring to believe God for the impossible? Is the size of your vision for your life intimidating you? Are you living by an all-consuming faith… trusting God for what seems impossible?

Joshua went to battle with the Amorites while the sun was starting to set AND  the battle was not yet over. He needed the light to finish the job so he prayed to God to stop the sun from setting so he could have the light to finish the job. In other words to freeze time while his army took the victory in battle. What an extraordinary bold thing to pray. God heard it and answered. Joshua 10:1-14 Continue Reading >


When A Critical Tongue Begins To WagPosted on March 26, 2017

Is Criticism Really Critical or Helpful?

Meet Josie and Kim, two friends who have worked together at the same office for 2 years. Josie just let Kim know she was putting in her 2 week notice to live her dream to do some traveling. Kim wasn’t happy about it and had to tell Josie all the reasons in her mind that Josie’s dream would fail. Do you know someone like this?

Criticism..it just sounds like an ugly word but in all fairness there are some types of criticisms that are good for us. The one I want to bring attention to is the negative/jealous type that will bring you down and destroy your confidence. I’ve experienced all types of criticisms in my life, while some of it I’ve learned from and some I’m sad to admit did stop me at the time from moving forward. I don’t want that to happen to you.

Negative criticism the language of fools. I found a quote online and I’m not sure who was key in first stating it because I found a couple of people recognized for saying this “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain – and most fools do”.

Are you experiencing something really big and fabulous in your life right now? Perhaps a big promotion you’ve been working hard towards or just got engaged to Mr. or Miss Right for you, became a new mother, launched your new business? Whatever your “big and fabulous” is right now you are probably sailing around on Cloud 9. Continue Reading >

women of purpose

Posted on March 9, 2017

This is for the women.. each of you have purpose and you rock!

I would like to take a few minutes to talk about how precious your life is and how important each of you are to this world. We are here by design and appointed to be living at this time – you are not an accident. Many women are distressed with their lives and looking at someone else’s while wishing it was theirs. God did not create junk..he created you for YOUR life.

Sometimes we get derailed from our mission, our drive, our dreams because life has a way of throwing up a detour sign. Before we know it we are off track and thinking the crazy.  What do you think it takes to stay on track, keep your purpose moving forward and to love your own life? The truth is, life will stagnate from time to time. The stagnation sometimes happens when we fall into a routine and before we know it we have hit the brick wall not able to see where the road picks up again. Life requires active participation and not just living on autopilot while expecting the wine and roses to show up. The grass may be greener in the neighbor’s back yard but they have actively done the work to weed and feed it. Basically I’m saying for them, focus was not pushed aside when things got tough. As with precious things that are priceless (your life and your purpose) it takes hard work and dedication to keep building on what is yours to take. Continue Reading >

Engaging with the wonder of you

 Posted on February 19,  2017

Engaging with the wonder of you. Ok Ladies this post is for you – the message is quite simple. If there was one word that you could speak over yourself today what would it be?

The word that comes to me would be “WORTHY” and you know why? The why is because not only am I worthy but WE as women are worthy – WE have worth and value and it all began here:

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from you, when I was being made in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them. Psalm 139:13-16 

Our worth and value began with our formation – we are fearfully and wonderfully made by God. If he took the time and love to form us..that alone makes our lives priceless and worthy. No one else on this planet has anything to say otherwise. So ladies..tighten your boot straps and stand tall..each of you are Priceless Princesses. Continue Reading >


life story

Posted on February 6,  2017

Over the weekend while attending my church service a song was sung called, “Your Story” by Big Daddy Weave then tonight I was searching for songs by Francesca Battistelli and found a song she sings called “Write your story” and both resonated with me but what struck me and stood out were the titles of the songs and it made me begin to think about my story. How would my story read…what would it say about me?

Each of us has a life story and it’s in continual motion being played out daily.  If someone picked up your story and read it, how would it read?  Would it be full of drama, unforgiveness, hidden secrets and embarrassing moments? Would it pique the reader’s interest? Better question is would you really want someone to read your story?  Continue Reading >

Be Fearless

Posted on January 23, 2017

Have you ever been side tracked with everyday life? To put it plainly..life just gets in the way of your plan? So many things coming at us at once it’s hard to keep our focus sometimes. Why is it so hard to stay on task? Maybe because we are living life in the fast lane which leads to spreading ourselves to thin. There are days when everyone we meet wants a piece of time and energy.

Do you have a dream or vision for your life, you know it with all of your heart and it is so overwhelmingly powerful and hard to contain? In order for that dream and vision to come to fruition we have to focus with a “laser vision” tactic. This means keeping our eyes focused straight ahead, not looking to the left or to the right being distracted by any obstacles that materialize. Continue Reading >


embracing vulnerability

Posted on January 12, 2017

How many of us are looking for the Real Deal in our Life? What does the Real Deal mean to you and does it really exist?

This year I welcomed in the New Year with hope and zeal. I sang, made outrageous noise and genuinely received the New Year knowing that change was coming and most importantly I decided to bring in the New Year with some life changes. The words that floated through my mind was “The Real Deal.”

When a decision is made that it is time for a life change some things have to be cut out of our life and left to die on the roadside. Some changes like cutting habits that are not adding any value to life or a change in diet, perhaps to eat cleaner and healthier and pay attention to what our bodies are telling us. The biggest change that most people decide to do and work towards is the change that comes from within. Continue Reading >



























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