A Simplistic Idea for Valentine’s Day

happy valentine's day


A Simplistic Idea For Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, some thoughts come to mind.. love, romance, gifts, weddings, proposals and dinners.. all of which are very nice. The marketing ploy for Valentine’s Day is over the top with constant reminders of roses and candy that must be bought and cards to send out. But what about the simplicity in the celebration? I’m not talking about being “el cheapo” or anything like that, I’m thinking about little uplifting gestures to someone we don’t know or friends and family who might just need a little Valentine encouragement?

Many people get hung up on this day because they don’t have the plus one in their lives and they somehow feel left out or possibly inadequate. This is the day to step up and let your light shine and show someone else a little love. Whether it’s sharing quality time with friends, buying someone you don’t know a cup of coffee, sharing your bright smile as you pass by a stranger or offering words of encouragement to someone who could use it.

There are many ways to show what I call the “Valentine Spirit” to those we meet along the way. We are all built for the need of love, affection, appreciation and to know we matter. I had a friend who would dreaded Valentine’s Day because she wasn’t in a romantic relationship. So, her whole day was ruined on how she viewed herself and being stuck on what she didn’t have instead of what she did.

This is what I’m talking about  – This Valentine year try something totally out of the ordinary especially if you find yourself by your self- pass the Valentine Spirit around by using some sort of creative simplistic gestures and importantly -don’t forget to celebrate your own uniqueness.  Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!

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