Fear of the Unknown

Fear of the Unknown

Posted June 12, 2016

What paralyzes a dream or vision? What can stop us in our tracks from moving forward? The ugly dreaded thing called FEAR. How many of us  have had some awesome vision for our future or an idea so cool we believe can be turned into something really great only to let the inner voice of fear speak into our lives and stop us from pursuing greatness?

False Evidence Appearing Real- that’s all fear is. A cousin of fear is doubt and when they work together sometimes we can be overwhelmed with thoughts of inadequacies about ourselves. I’m here to tell you that it’s normal to experience these emotions but it’s what we do with it that will turn the tables.

Fear and Doubt are two of the most limiting emotions there are. We begin to second guess ourselves and our talents. Before we know it we’ve built this idea in our heads that we are somehow not smart enough to bring our vision to pass. The first thing to stop is negative self-talk. This in itself creates bad vibes and puts a limit on our world. Don’t let it occupy your mind. By negative self-talk we are creating a different world for ourselves – the way we see and believe in ourselves becomes tainted..so stop it! We need to build ourselves up not tear ourselves down.

One thing to know is that we are not our fear and that’s not who we are designed to be. We are not designed to be fearful or worried and doubtful. A lot of times we second guess our abilities and talk ourselves out of something really cool. How does this happen? What is it that makes us full of fear? Is it the unknown perhaps starting something new or just plain fear of failure?

Maybe it’s time to build the confidence muscle. Step out and find out. Look at yourself and think, “I know I can do this but if it doesn’t work at least I tried and experienced something new.” Remember, what goes on in our heads is of our own creation. If we dwell on it and start to believe it then we create our own futures. The question is how do you see yourself?

Can you accept that fear is a part of the journey? Can you accept that maybe what you might be doing won’t work? If you can, then you have conquered fear. It will not have any power over your decision to step into the unknown.

I am starting a new business and I’ve had plenty of  thoughts regarding fear. I look at myself and think, “Who am I to be doing this? I really don’t have much business knowledge.” blah..blah.. I made a choice  to keep moving forward with my ideas. I’m moving slowly and learning along the way. I’ve had all kinds of thoughts bombard my thinking but I am moving forward. So should you-no matter what the fears are speaking to you-keep moving on!

How do we combat FEAR?

1.   Keep the focus on the goals. The more we keep our focus on our goals the less we think about the fear.

2.   Trust yourself. This is where we start to believe in ourselves. No one else can do this for us. We have to have confidence in our own abilities. It’s a must.

3.   Keep a positive attitude. There will be kinks along the way and obstacles to overcome. Know this from the start it will help build the barrier and keep your mind centered in a good place to keep pressing forward.

We can’t predict life’s outcome and where we will end up. It’s important to believe in ourselves and step out with confidence to say we can accomplish what we set out to do in our lives. Life has enough twist and turns – without adding the dreadful duo of doubt and fear to it.


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