How The Name Levis and Rubies Came To Be

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How the Name Levis and Rubies Came To Be

“How in the world did you pick the name, Levis and Rubies?” I get asked this a lot and understandably so.

The name of my blog, “Levis and Rubies” originated on a trip I took to Costa Rica. While on the plane bouncing ideas off of my mother, we laughed about different kooky names we were throwing out at each other, really not taking it too seriously at the moment. Deep down, I didn’t know if this was something I could do. I have this big picture of myself in front of me, (metaphorically speaking of course) of my overall dreams, visions and goals. I know I like to write, love everything about computers and the internet. But the question came, can I really write a blog? Will someone read it?

As the trip progressed, I became a little more serious about what I wanted to do if I did commit to creating a blog in the long run.  So here is what I came up with- the blog is for everyone to read and to interact with. My idea is to create a community that offers a variety of subjects from a fresh perspective and to have interaction from those who would like to give their thoughts and ideas. I wanted to include travel, because it is one of my top passions.

As for the name, there really is no big story or.. ah hah moment in arriving at Levis and Rubies. I had a vision of the blog and the material I would like to write about, but I didn’t have a name that kept popping out and grabbing me. So, after many hours of frustration and playing with different name combinations it finally hit me. Levis (blue jeans in general) to me represents comfort, style, they travel well and probably hang in just about everyone’s closet. Rubies came to me because it’s my birthstone and I love the color red. I put the two together and… wah lah..Levis and Rubies was born.

Levis and Rubies is my blog, where we talk about life and travel. My business is the Avery Rae Collection (by the way, there is a story to tell, but I will share at a different time) where soon I will be opening my store.  Products to include beautiful handcrafted items from talented artisans from round the world, representing culture and travel. My photography will also be displayed in the store. I look forward to kicking the blog in high gear hearing from you and making a difference.



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