Inspiration All Around Us


July 25, 2016

What inspires you?

Inspiration can be found all around us in one form or another. A smile on a child’s face, a contented dog with a wagging tail, someone who has conquered adversity and lives to tell about it or the calm in a rolling stream or river. It beckons us to take notice. Everything we see, taste, touch, smell, and hear has the ability to inspire us. Everything from the walls around us to the clouds in the sky has the ability to move something within us if we only make an effort to open our eyes.

A few years ago I was on a train in Europe traveling through Germany. As the train pulled in to pick up passengers I noticed a young man with glasses boarding with a cane. What caught my eye was he was very handsome and well dressed. As I watched him I noticed he wasn’t traveling with anyone and he was pulling a small suite case and carrying a rain jacket over his arm. He ended up taking a seat a few rows in front me on the opposite side of the aisle. Within a few minutes another gentleman boarded and sat down next to the man I had been watching. Shortly they began to make small talk I could hear their conversation quite well. I learned that the man who had caught my eye was blind and he was taking his first solo trip. I couldn’t stop eavesdropping because so many questions were creeping though my mind. First of all, how does a man who can’t see embark on such a journey by his self? Isn’t he afraid? How will he get around? I should have been the one sitting in that seat beside him because of my curiosity and tons of questions. I remember thinking to myself how he had inspired me with his courage. How many of us are afraid to do something solo and we have the advantage of our sight? This convicted me and I started thinking what is stopping me from reaching for my stars? This stranger on the train was pure inspiration to me and I bet he has touched so many lives since then.

Inspiration comes in so many forms and it’s out there everywhere. There is no magic light that flashes down and strikes people and suddenly we feel it. We can find it in books, music, movies and people we meet along the way. We can even inspire our own selves through our own positive affirmations.

Ways to create or find inspiration 

1.    Create a vision board: where do you see yourself- what do you see for your life? What would you like in your life? Can you envision it for yourself?

2.    Passions and Creativity: how many of us have passions we are pursuing? Do they inspire you to keep moving forward? Do you own the passions?

3.    Adversity: just like the man on the train, he was overcoming adversity and in my opinion doing a mighty fine job. He inadvertently was inspiring others through his life.

4.    Courage: sometimes it takes a little courage to stand out and follow what has inspired us. We may feel led in a direction that some wouldn’t understand and it takes the courage to keep moving towards what is inspiring you.

5.    Fight: sometimes we just have to fight for what we believe we are meant to do. Life sometimes tries to rob us of what we are inspiring to do. Stand firm and don’t let go of what has inspired you to do.

6.    Friends and Family: some of the greatest things come from our family and friends. What’s great about them is many times they don’t even know how they have affected us.

In conclusion, look around your world and what do you see? Don’t pressure yourself and above all give yourself some space and time. Inspiration is all around us and we just need to be open to it and ready to receive.

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