It’s Your Time To Shine

Your Time To Shne


I would like to share with all women and raise a shout out to each of you to say “IT’S YOUR TIME TO SHINE!”

Are you daring to believe God for the impossible? Is the size of your vision for your life intimidating you? Are you living by an all-consuming faith… trusting God for what seems impossible?

Joshua went to battle with the Amorites while the sun was starting to set AND  the battle was not yet over. He needed the light to finish the job so he prayed to God to stop the sun from setting so he could have the light to finish the job. In other words to freeze time while his army took the victory in battle. What an extraordinary bold thing to pray. God heard it and answered. Joshua 10:1-14

I want to encourage each of you to step out of the ordinary. Examine where you stand today and make the decision to expect greatness to show up in your life. You are not here at this time in history by accident. Each of you possess gifts and talents that the world needs to hear and see. You are designed with an unstoppable spirit! Just think of the sweet surprises that God has in store for you and now is the time to step into this daring season in your life; one of boldness, confidence and courage. Remind  yourself of Joshua..he asked for something out of the ordinary and received…what a prayer to pray! If God will stop the sun for one man..what will he do for you?

This is your time to let your light shine.. ladies you are not to be sitting pretty on a shelf doing nothing. Each and every one of you are special and possess a unique spirit and are a confident woman who has meaning and purpose to share with others. Remember you don’t have to feel confident to be confident.. it’s making a move towards your destined path, it’s speaking up even though you may feel fear and it’s believing in yourself when no one else does!

  • When you step out to shine expect some criticisms from those around you. Some are not going to like the new you….and that’s ok..When A Critical Tongue Begins To Wag
  • Focus on your potential and not limitations. Do not compare yourself to ANYONE
  • Keep your flaws in perspective. They are unique to you and there is nothing to hide
  • Confidence is not a personality’s a skill

Here is to each and every one of you..have a wonderful week and as we head into Easter weekend remember the why behind Easter. I hope you shine this week and would love to hear your progress.






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