Life Burning Brightly

life burning brightly

Is your life’s light burning brightly or is it burnt out? Did you even know your light existed? Life is described as being one big roller coaster. There are peaks and there are valleys on our journey through this life. There are high and low at times whether it is spiritual, physical or mental, while each of these playing a significant role in our attitude towards life and all of this gunk affects the light inside of us.

Is there a way to keep our light burning brightly? Life comes at us at all angles, and a key factor is to be rooted and grounded in our goals and to stay on the path to the life we’ve worked hard for.

Here are some ideas to keep you focused and brightly lit:

1. Don’t procrastinate. If something needs to be done, do it. We set ourselves up for failure when we put off the tasks at hand. Then what happens? Guilt will set in and we start to beat ourselves up. Stay on the time schedule you have given yourself. If a certain task can’t be done in the time allotted, just give yourself a new time.

2. Update your dreams and visions as needed. Over time, we change in thoughts and our life may take a new direction. As we come closer to our dreams, we see that we may have to tweak it a little, so we just need to reevaluate what we are aiming for.

3. Surround yourself with like-minded people and people who are smarter than yourself. Those are the ones you want to hang out with, read about and feed off of. Some are in the same boat as you and some are smarter than you, so why not hang out and help each other make the journey and learn from someone doing something great. You want someone who will build you up when you need it and can guide you when you ask. Don’t hang out with the nay-sayers whose job it is to bring others down.

4. Put some spark in your personal life – get a little exercise, eat a little healthier, serve in some area and give back. This will help build confidence, bring peace and joy to your life. This will help to stoke the fire of passion to your dreams.

Let’s say you may want to build a blog, start a photography business, sell your art or start teaching – sponge up as much information as you can- read some books, research the internet, talk to owners of these types of business and find out everything you can.

Simply having a dream and vision for your life isn’t enough, we have to take baby steps towards the direction of the big picture. Yes, all of this attributes to your life’s light burning brightly. Everything that life throws at us and our constant drive towards our dreams and visions affect our light.

Start today with small steps to get back where you need to be. This is the fuel to the fire that causes the light to shine from within. Don’t let the crazy of this world keep you from the good stuff that is waiting.

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