How many fads have we read about and participated in over the years? The many diets, gym memberships and workout info commercials promising life altering change have bombarded us? A diet, if followed diligently will change the outer self. But what about the inner self?



The life you think
is the life you lead
-Marcus Bach

In order for our inner selves to be prosperous and to experience real joy, the first thing is to make the conscious choice to be happy and set our minds to be so. Let’s picture a healthy lifestyle as the whole puzzle, the big picture in essence. The larger pieces that contribute to the puzzle are joy, contentment, gratitude and forgiveness and happiness. If we can master these areas in our lives, the rest will fall into place. This is why a healthy lifestyle is medicine to our souls. This doesn’t mean there will not be trials and strife that comes against us but if we have a solid foundation put in place we can weather the storms in our lives. It all begins with a first step- making a choice and setting our minds in the direction to our happiness.


cozumel beach

“I’ve chosen to be happy because it
is good for my health.”

  -somewhat distorted



5 Steps towards a well-rounded lifestyle

  1. You are responsible for your happiness. There is no one on this green earth that can possibly take on this responsibility and be successful. We have to own our healthy lifestyle. No husband, new car or a big house is going to make it happen for you.
  2. Enjoy where you are on the way to where you’re going. In other words enjoy your life today. Not when you get the promotion, move to the new neighborhood or when your bank account hits the new dollar mark. Stop and smell the roses today. Today is where it counts, so make the choice today. 
  3. Accept and make relationships count. This is huge for most of us. We all have those family members and friends who drive us crazy. Learn something now- we can’t change people! Done tried, all it did was rob me of my happiness and contentment. Accept those around you, delete the toxic ones who are not adding any value and love the ones who are. 
  4. Food and Exercise. Let’s face it, most of us don’t like to exercise and watch our eating, it gets tiresome. Make it fun for yourself. Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean the gym 4 days a week. Get outside if you can and take a hike, walk along a beautiful lake, something that peaks your interest. As for food, try some clean eating with veggies and fruits. There is a cornucopia of information out there to help with eating. This doesn’t mean you have to quit the Friday night pizza and beer for movie night. Everything in moderation. Remember, it starts with a choice to do so! 
  5. Work and Fun. How many workaholic’s are out there? Fun and families are replaced by this four letter word: WORK..uuggg! This is where choice come in big time, make the choice for work balance. Of course we have to work in order to eat, no brainer right? But make sure you aren’t over feeding this creature and starving the others. We have to have “play” time, this is where we revitalize our creative juices and the body starts to relax and rebuilt itself. Remember, lifestyle is about healthy balances and choice.

You’ve come to a fork in the road.
The right leads to the life as you know it today.
The left leads to a new life but with obstacles
to overcome.

Which way do you go?

I don’t want to sound like a broken record here, but I have to say it again: A healthy lifestyle is more than food and exercise. Take these pieces of the puzzle; gratitude, joy, contentment, happiness and forgiveness make the choice today for change. One year from now you will be ecstatic that you did. Lifestyle is the new medicine.

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