Living Life Through The Noise

Living Life Through The Noise

Posted on July 11, 2016

The world has definitely changed since the 70’s. Our lives have progressively gotten busier and infiltrated with so much noise. By noise, I mean the busyness of life around us. Everywhere we turn, there is something to do, someone needing our attention and some place we need to be.  How do we keep our own life balanced through all of the noise? Do you feel like life is a never ending stream of obligations? How do we step away from the fast track, slow down, and really begin to enjoy what we have?

When I do watch t.v. I enjoy watching the old re-runs of Andy Griffith and I marvel at how life was portrayed back then.  Knowing what we know now, could we be happy with a Mayberry lifestyle and did it really exist? Growing up in the Midwest in the 70’s, families sat down to dinner together while conversations took place and meaningful relationships were nurtured and created. Flash forward to 2016 and we see men, women and children all going in different directions.

What can we do to slow life down, not lose sight of what is important and cut out some of the noise?


There are those things that only you can do and that’s a given. Then there are those things that we can pass off to another reliable source- we just have to learn how to let go. By letting go it opens the door to allow us space to enjoy our lives and do some of the things we put on the shelf. With so much day-to-day activities, we start to lose sight of what is important in our lives. One important key is to not over extend ourselves and beware of the distractions just waiting to enter in. This past week I experienced a big distraction. My mom had a mammogram and it came back showing something was going on. Of course, the natural reactions are to go to the negative and think the worse possible situation. Tensions where high and the “what ifs” entered our minds and conversations. I realized what we were talking about created additional stress for the both of us. Our priorities changed as well as our conversation about what was going on with her health. Thank the Lord her biopsy came back benign but in those 2 days we waited for the results our lives went off course. This is an example of life stepping in and altering our course. I believe we managed well in those few days and we did our best to keep priorities in front of us and kept the noise down.

Time Management

Each of us have 24 hours in a day. It’s so easy to get distracted by the noise around us causing our work/life balance to become unbalanced. Try not to allow unimportant details to drag you down. Here are a few quick tips to help you keep the noise down:

  • Start early and do the tasks first. Make sure they are workable and obtainable. Do one thing at a time. Simplify if you can. DELEGATE (I love this one)
  • Set aside time for recreation and family.
  • Stick to your calendar and do not let the “extra’s” have place in the day.
  • Pick a time to end the workday and stick to it.
  • Plan and organize the next day’s tasks and appointments. Sometimes it helps to do the planning the day before. Write things on your calendar and keep it visually close.

The important take away from this post is to enjoy your life the best way possible while eliminating and containing the noise of life. Try to do one thing a day that makes or brings joy to you. The possibilities are endless.  As we start to live more in alignment with filtering out the noise of life, we will start to experience more fulfillment and begin to see our lives grow and enrich.




  1. Kirstie Ganobsik says:

    I’m glad to hear your Mom is OK! I definitely can relate to this topic, and am still learning how to ‘let go’ and delegate instead of trying to tackle everything myself. I love your time management tips, especially the suggestion to do one thing at a time. Great piece!

  2. Amy says:

    I love this! I’m only in my 20s, but I love the idea of a simpler life and making the most of the moments. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Nancy says:

    Just as you wrote about business I find it surrounds me as well. Even after retiring (and working 2 weeks at Starbucks part time) and now back to retiring again it’s hard to even find the time to apply for other jobs and then following up. There is a Habitat for Humanity looking for volunteers beginning September perhaps I can find meaning in this. Keep on keepin’ on and thanks Rhonda.

    • levisandrubies says:

      Yes, big life changes such as retirement can seem on the outside exciting for those of us who still have some years to put in. It’s a big adjustment but look at it as the many possibilities that are waiting just for you. If you try something and it doesn’t work out at least you did. Time to move to the next possibility – it’s out there- don’t give up – take your time-it will find you.

  4. Kerry-Ann says:

    I absolutely love this because I’m a big believer in all of your points. We are an overworked society that prides ourselves on sacrificing our mental, physical and emotional health to climb up a proverbial ladder so we can get to the top of the tower to attain more money and power. When in fact, the only thing we should be devoting so much time and attention to is, developing our own inner connection and to the Divine + develop our communities so we can all LIVE better together.

    Kerry-Ann |

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