No Shortcuts To Greatness



Posted June 27, 2016

No Shortcuts To Greatness

What’s it like to start a new business while knowing absolutely nothing about how to do it?

That’s me at this particular time in life. I have a vision of owning my own online business; being an entrepreneur, building a mobile business and creating a lifestyle of being able to work anywhere in the world buying and selling. I went into this not knowing diddly-squat about nothing but I have a drive and determination to see it come to pass. It seems like I am in a constant state of learning and negotiating new platforms. Today I spent the day trying to figure out international shipping and being over taken by the FedEx and DHL websites for new businesses. Good grief!

Over the past few months it has consisted of learning about taxes, registering a business name, coming up with a business name, opening a bank account…the list goes on. I’ll say it again- it’s been an uphill learning process. Now that I look back on what I’ve accomplished so far, I’ve learned a lot and what I have learned is that there are no shortcuts to greatness.

There is so much free information out there it’s been my saving grace. The reasons behind starting my own business I can say is I have a few. First and foremost I want to run my own railroad and to build on the passion and belief that is inside of me. I read that Warren Buffet made the comment when asked about his career and working at his age. He replied by stating he “skips” all the way to work. Not literally of course but he loves and enjoys what he does in life. How many of us can actually say that?

I know nothing worth having is easy..I get that. I think the hard part is really stepping out by myself to make this work and figure things out along the way. Sometimes when there is a spouse or close mate we have the option of leaning on that person and them helping us carry the load and give us advice when we ask. When it is just solo us the challenges become even greater but I believe the reward will be so much sweeter.

It’s hard not to get frustrated and think, “can I really do this?” I keep putting my vision out there knowing what and how I see myself and that is what keeps me moving forward.  I like to speak affirmations over my life and put it out into the universe. I believe by speaking positive words over my life that it somehow solidifies it into my heart and mind and belief that I can overcome anything…even starting a new business venture.

I knew starting a business from scratch would not be easy but somehow the rewards will be so fulfilling when it starts to grow and I see the fruit from the seeds planted. There are lots of preparations and planning yet to be done before the grand online opening but it’s in the small steps the victory is won.

This day is over and I am happy to say I learned something new and I was able to accomplish one more item from my list.


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