Resolutions Do Not Work…Without A Plan

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What is one of the biggest resolutions that is made every year? I think it’s losing weight, right? How many people make this resolution every year and that’s the end of it? There was no plan made to make it happen just empty lifeless words being thrown out into the air. New Year’s resolutions DO NOT WORK if there isn’t a plan in place to carry them through.

The New Year is quickly approaching meaning the soon to be old year is coming to an end. Are you looking back with unaccomplished resolutions because a plan was not in place OR facing forward waiting to greet the New Year with some accomplishments in hand? We are human and mistakes are inevitable throughout life but what’s important is learning the lesson of why something didn’t work and moving on.

Resolutions = Failure – Without a Plan

2017 is a brand New Year and a clean slate is given to all. Instead of looking back, why not plant your feet firmly facing forward and grab on to the New Year with zeal and gusto? One of the best ways is to make a clear and attainable goals for your new year. The goals are referred to as a SMART Goals and here is how it works:

First, don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself that are too hard to obtain. Goals should be SMART, meaning specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time based. Here is an example of setting a goal for losing weight:

Specific: I’m going to lose 10 pounds in 30 days by eating healthy, quitting alcohol and adding exercise of 30 minutes to my day. Pretty specific, right? This could even be more specific, but don’t make it so hard that it can’t be done.

Measurable: keep a food and exercise journal and write down each day exactly what was eaten and how I exercised.

Achievable: describe the action taken to exercise. Run for 15 minute’s and walk briskly for 15 minutes. (Make sure it is achievable to you not someone else)

Relevant: Make sure the plan is relevant or realistic and within your means to accomplish the goal. When your daily short term goals are met, you will begin to build confidence in yourself which will in turn make the overall goal that much more attainable.

Time Based: Set a specific time frame to complete the goal. Let’s say the goal started on January 1 then the completion of the goal will be February 1. You may find that during your SMART goal journey you will need to re-adjust some things and that’s perfectly fine. Just don’t give up!

Whether you have small dreams or big expectations it all starts with a SMART plan. Set a goal for 2017 and execute your plan – but make sure you are using the SMART way of getting your goals accomplished.


  1. Sauumye says:

    It is really important to plan every thing you want to do. I had made a lot of resolutions before but this year I wrote them down, made a plan and it’s been 2 days into2017 and I must say it’s been easy.

  2. Sandy Brandon says:

    I like that you encourage people to implement a plan with their resolutions. It sounds like a great way to be succusful! I personally am not big on resolutions. I do however, believe in doing small things each month throughout the year,,,,it is just easier to me to keep my “ducks in a row” and actually accomplish them LOL

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