An Exciting Life Lived By Simplistic Measures

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An Exciting Life Measured By Simplistic Measures

This post is really quite simplistic it’s not a post about 5 tips to improve this or 7 ways to boost that. The message I want to relay is about enjoying where you are at on the way to where you’re going.  Life is not meant to be a complicated mess. Sometimes we over think and over analyze daily life which brings in the complicated mess and it keeps us from the things that matter most. An exciting life can be lived by simplistic measures.

Think about it:

I always seem to have something I have to do or complete while working on my business. But lately, I’ve been changing my thinking and realizing that I have missed some really good experiences because I’ve had my mind on the ugly four letter word called WORK. So that being said I’ve made some changes and have begun working on enjoying the smell of the roses along the way.

Yesterday a friend and I attended the Women’s Expo here in Phoenix. Neither she nor I had attended the Women’s Expo before and as a cool bonus we were given free tickets from a co-worker. That settles it..we were going! The event was fun- filled with shopping, massage, wine and tequila tasting, lots of free products to try, haircuts, styling tips and the featured keynote speakers this year were Erin Brockovich and Christina Milian. No matter what your interest are there was something for everyone to try and experience.

rhonda and roselie

My friend and I decided to ride the light rail into the city instead of driving, fighting traffic and paying the pumped up pricing for parking. The rail was fun and easy to use and it was the first time we had taken it. Pricing is cheap, we paid $2 each way and someone else did the driving!

My point being is this:  life is filled with simple pleasures. Sometimes we think we have to be doing this ginormous event or spending a lot of money to enjoy ourselves. We miss out on smelling the roses along the way because our focus is on the wrong thing.  Something so simplistic as attending a free event with a friend brought a lot of joy and laughter. I’m learning to break away from work to enjoy friends and family and its ok to act silly and laugh at yourself – It’s perfectly ok to let your hair down and be the awesome YOU that you are meant to be.

Check out our video:

just having fun!

The day I had was fun, I did things I’ve never done before and it was on the cheap. We don’t have to spend a lot of money to enjoy what is in our own backyards. What I want to bring out is the day was simple but yet filled with a lot of fun with two girls laughing and at times acting like goofs. My friend and I like to take photos and videos because we like to record and share our happy moments in life with others. I’ve posted a few here in this article.


Enjoy Your Life

If there is anything I would like to leave as a take a way it would be this: it’s in the experiences and not what we own that brings life its true meaning. Go have some fun, act goofy, laugh a lot and share experiences with friends and family!


  1. Catrina says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more. I feel as though the older you get the more you see that. When I was young all I wanted was things – but that’s part of how our society is. They push and push advertising to the younger generation hoping they have disposable income because they still live with mom and dad.
    Now that I’m older (and have kids of my own) would rather spend my money and time on experiences. Seeing new places, trying new things. Spending good, quality time together.

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