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Posted May 23, 2016

Thinking of traveling by yourself?

Have you wanted to travel some place great and perhaps far away? If so, are you like me and share your travel thoughts with friends and family while extending the invitation for them to come along and experience the adventure?

If you have, you’ve probably experienced one or more of the following responses:  First and foremost, they show no interest. Then the question of our sanity arises as to why we would want to travel outside our own backyard when there is so much “danger” around the world? (I guess they haven’t checked the crime stats around here lately). Second, they catch our excitement fever and agree to come along only to back out on us when the plans are in full motion. Thirdly, money or time is an issue. In any case, what do you do? The travel bug has bit and there is no escape?

Have you thought about going alone? Solo travel is on the rise and for very good reason. The freedom alone is so worth stepping out of our comfort zone and going for it! Going solo allows the traveler the opportunity to meet like-minded people and connect with the locals. It gives us the choice to focus on ourselves while opening up to make our own decisions and bringing us into an awareness of who we really are.

Many people are afraid to take the initial step to travel alone and I get that. Fear can override passion and before we know it we have caved in to it. Fear of the unknown, fear of being by ourselves and the dreaded fear of the “what if’s” bombard our minds and if we give in to it this will rob us of one hec of a great life experience.

Now, I’m not saying to throw caution to the wind and jump on the next flight out of town without thinking and planning your trip

Here are a few tips to think about when traveling solo.

1. Don’t let everyone you meet know all of your business and that you are traveling by yourself. Most people are friendly and want to share their country’s culture with travelers- unfortunately we have to be mindful and careful.

2.  If you are a woman, it’s not a good idea to get in a taxi with two men already in the car- if something doesn’t feel right then don’t do it. Men, even you as big and burly as you may be have to think ahead and be on your’s just the way it is.

3. Keep money hid and out of site. Sounds like a no brainer, right? When I was visiting Spain I noticed a couple of girls being a little flashy with their Euros..not cool.

 4. Let friends and family in on where you are at. (You know, the ones who could have come along but didn’t). Hotels, tours, flight itinerary. It’s always a good idea.

5. I like to have copies of my passport made and hid in various places… just in case there is a situation.

Traveling solo can be one of the most rewarding experiences for men or women but like so many things in life, use your head and solo traveling will be the most rewarding experience you can give yourself. Many travelers admit it’s the best way to see the world. There are many travel sites that are geared towards solo traveling so check one of them out. They are a wealth of information such as great destinations, tour companies who cater to solo travelers and great reviews from travelers just like us who offer tips to make your journey the best.

 Remember, step out and find out. If you don’t like it, tried..right?


  1. Karyl says:

    I’ve never done a solo vacay before, but I’ll be making one in a few weeks for a long weekend…and I’m so excited! Just one state over, but still. Just to get away, relax, and of course work on the blog 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Ref J says:

    I love your tips. I agree with your tip to keep money hidden. Seems so obvious yet I see people foolish pull out large sums of money and count it in public places. Another great tip is to always trust your gut, when something doesn’t feel right walk away.

    • levisandrubies says:

      I totally agree with you it’s a big step. Start off small and see how it goes.
      If you like it, then plan something a little bigger. Thank you for your comment. Would love to hear
      back if you do decide to experience a solo trip.

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