The Actions and Shame of a Few

statue of liberty

As I watched for the past week and observed the events unfold after the election results was counted I sat utterly amazed at the display of crazy that was taking place in our cities all over America. After the election results were finalized I saw groups of people who thought it was their given right to riot, bust up property, vandalize businesses of hard-working Americans who have spent their lives building their legacies all because of what? They didn’t agree with who was elected the next President of the United States? Twenty years ago this type of behavior would have been unheard of. 

Who are the people responsible for doing this? Are they that spoiled in their thinking to think this type of behavior is acceptable all because they didn’t agree with an election result? Do they think it’s ok to piss on the American people and we are just supposed to stand idly by, bare and watch? If this was China or Russia those same vandals would have been rounded up, arrested and probably never heard from again. But this is America, we have wonderful freedoms in our county and that’s what makes it so great. I’m not upset because they didn’t like who was elected, I’m mad because of the treatment some people were subjected to. I love this country and to poop on it is not acceptable.

What about the groups who “threaten” to leave the country for Canada? This one I laughed at. Really?? How about the vast majority of us who are staying here in the US? Are we somehow going to do ourselves in because the Hollywood elite and the music industry are professing to leave? Oh my gosh…Has anyone heard of  someone leaving yet? Has anyone spotted moving trucks outside of their homes? I bet will come down to back peddling and saying something like, “ I wasn’t serious..” you guessed it- the go to phrase when caught and cornered. To those who threatened to it’s time make good on your words. I guess the people who did their barking and threatening doesn’t realize that Canada as well as all countries have immigration rules that have to be followed and enforced..just like America is going to be doing in the future. This was another example of babyfied actions from adults who are in the limelight and should be better examples to those who look up to them. Their tantrums and lack of leadership was appalling. Just because one doesn’t agree with a vote doesn’t give anyone any place to display the childless actions of so-called adults.

cry baby

Let’s talk about the students at the universities who had a melt down and couldn’t attend classes. This is the future leadership of America? Is this who you want leading in 10 years? Unable to cope with a decision as well as credited Universities offering grief counseling and closing of classes for these students? What an embarrassing moment in US history to think this display and action was shown all over the world. It boils down to young adults who can’t cope with decisions that are made and are not their own.

One more thing concerning something that happened this week. Flag Burning on American soil. Does this group of young adults have any conceptual idea that they spit in the face of our troops and veterans who are busy defending their freedoms and protecting this country? What a slap in the face! This was the pisser to think this group of people had the gull to torch our symbol freedom like that. I think I’ve found a perfect place for the safety pins that seem to be in the news here lately. Use the pins to fasten the diapers that this childish group should be wearing. Before wearing the big pants, babies have to wear diapers!

This post will resonate with some while others it will not. It’s not about victory for a candidate it’s how society has changed over the years and become a “me-me-me” mentality, where bad actions are displayed without remorse and it’s supposed to be acceptable to “vent’ and show anger in the worse kind of way. I think protesting is our freedom and right as an American citizen and one of the ways free speech is expressed. When it comes to exercising a right to protest, our traffic and road ways should not be obstructed or businesses harmed in any way. No one has the right to bully or bring bodily harm to someone who expresses a difference in opinion. By all means, protest but be respectful of society. If you want to act like a fool keep it in the confines of your own home. If you feel your life will be better served somewhere else that’s fine too. I will guarantee that your freedoms will not be as free as they are here in America.

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