What’s Your Jonah?


Have you read the story of Jonah and the whale or heard of the story? How the big whale swallowed Jonah up and he stayed in the belly of the fish for 3 days until the fish spit him out? This is interesting but why was he swallowed in the first place? Disobedience to God? You see, God told Jonah to go to Nineveh but he didn’t listen or did he want to go which is probably both reasons and instead he bought a ticket on a ship heading to Tarshish..basically he was running away from God.

So what happens? A mighty storm comes and the sea starts to go wild. The crew on the boat realized that something or someone doesn’t belong on it. They quickly came to the realization it was Jonah who was the problem as well as Jonah himself knew it was him. He has brought the raging sea and caused the problem with his shipmates.  He quickly tells them to throw him overboard and the sea will calm itself. With the sea water raging they decide to take him up on his offer because they were frightened of him and the storm. Just has he said once he was thrown overboard, calmness was restored to the waters.

My question to you is do you have a Jonah in your life that doesn’t belong there? Is this Jonah robbing you of your destiny, clouding your vision and causing unnecessary problems in your life? Can you identify it? Are you, like Jonah running away from problems and just not wanting to deal?

Jonahs’ come in all forms, sizes and fashion. We let them ride along in our lives while chaos is breaking out all around us. Are we scared to let it go? Do we think we need to carry the crutch..somehow afraid of what might happen if we let it go..Or in the case of the real Jonah it causes us to be thrown overboard life?

Facing something that mentally cripples us from moving forward can be daunting. We know it’s there but somehow not facing it we hope it cowers and runs away..but it never does. I’ve asked myself in the past how many times do I have to go around this mountain before I take the stand to break free? The outcome is always the same; weekends come and go because I took another trip around the mountain and once again let myself get off course fully knowing that the Jonah hides in the darkness, quietly creeping in so subtlety.

In order to break free and rid ourselves of our Jonah, we first have to know who we really are in Christ and second.. quit running away when things get a little uncomfortable or not wanting to face the problem head on..whatever we are running from has to be faced and dealt with. I have learned that the victory is in the knowing and once the knowing is recognized the power is unleashed and the Jonah has to go!

Don’t run from what scares you, step into it and face it and that’s when the real growth begins. Don’t be the one who has to go around the mountain over and over like I was doing.

Jonah’s life finally calmed down once he decided to do it God’s way. God has a plan for each of us, plans that are for our good. If we just quit running from him and listen to what he has in store for our lives. The toil comes in the running and going around the mountain a gazillion times! Think about it the next time you are given the choice as to which way to go..stand firm and face the giant that lies ahead or turn tail and run the other way..knowing that one day the giant will be returning to be dealt with yet once again.

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