When A Critical Tongue Begins To Wag

When A Critical Tongue Begins To Wag

Is Criticism Really Critical or Helpful?

Meet Josie and Kim, two friends who have worked together at the same office for 2 years. Josie just let Kim know she was putting in her 2 week notice to live her dream to do some traveling. Kim wasn’t happy about it and had to tell Josie all the reasons in her mind that Josie’s dream would fail. Do you know someone like this?

Criticism..it just sounds like an ugly word but in all fairness there are some types of criticisms that are good for us. The one I want to bring attention to is the negative/jealous type that will bring you down and destroy your confidence. I’ve experienced all types of criticisms in my life, while some of it I’ve learned from and some I’m sad to admit did stop me at the time from moving forward. I don’t want that to happen to you.

Negative criticism- the language of fools. I found a quote online and I’m not sure who was key in first stating it because I found a couple of people recognized for saying this “Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain – and most fools do”.

Are you experiencing something really big and fabulous in your life right now? Perhaps a big promotion you’ve been working hard towards or just got engaged to Mr. or Miss Right for you, became a new mother, launched your new business? Whatever your “big and fabulous” is right now you are probably sailing around on Cloud 9.

It’s normal to want to share your good news with friends and family. 99% of those in your family and friendship circle will be just as excited for you. But what about the one person who has to offer their opinion about your newest achievement?  You know, the disapproval and judgmental statements given freely but never asked for?

Why Do People Say The Things They Do?

I believe people say negative things about someone because the person succeeding has struck a nerve within the person who is being sour with critical comments. If you have just launched your dream business and you are eager to share this with someone and they can’t seem to be happy and supportive towards you maybe they are thinking about the lost opportunities they let pass on by. There is usually a reason that someone reacts the way they do. Never the less, don’t let anyone dump their poo-poo on your great news!

Remember, there are criticisms that are meant for our good and when said in love and truth will be more likely to be received well. Always ask to speak into someone’s life just don’t assume because it’s a family member or best friend we can speak freely. Speaking the truth in love is not criticism. ~Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man’s growth without destroying his roots. -Frank A. Clark

What Can We Do When We Hear Critical Words?

Some of the most influential people have been criticized in one way or another. Just look at the internet and social media, key figures who are doing some great things are beat up in the media. Look at Jesus Christ he was mocked and ridiculed for speaking the truth and doing great things for people. The first thing not to do is retaliate because that only fuels the fire. Consider the source, don’t be resentful and move on..Just like that..move on. Don’t take it personally like I stated earlier you’ve hit a nerve in this person and it’s causing them to reflect on where they have dropped the ball in their own lives. Never be afraid to share the goodness that you’re having in your life because this inspires people.

We have an inner knowing built-in to all of us making it sort of like a guiding light. Listen to it…our intuition is there for a reason. The best advice I know to give is to not listen to the nay sayers and listen to what your heart is driving you to do. Keep your focus on what is straight head and above all it’s ok to enjoy your successes.

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