Women of Purpose..You Rock!

women of purpose

This is for the women.. each of you have purpose and you rock!

I would like to take a few minutes to talk about how precious your life is and how important each of you are to this world. We are here by design and appointed to be living at this time – you are not an accident. Many women are distressed with their lives and looking at someone else’s while wishing it was theirs. God did not create junk..he created you for YOUR life.

Sometimes we get derailed from our mission, our drive, our dreams because life has a way of throwing up a detour sign. Before we know it we are off track and thinking the crazy.  What do you think it takes to stay on track, keep your purpose moving forward and to love your own life? The truth is, life will stagnate from time to time. The stagnation sometimes happens when we fall into a routine and before we know it we have hit the brick wall not able to see where the road picks up again. Life requires active participation and not just living on autopilot while expecting the wine and roses to show up. The grass may be greener in the neighbor’s back yard but they have actively done the work to weed and feed it. Basically I’m saying for them, focus was not pushed aside when things got tough. As with precious things that are priceless (your life and your purpose) it takes hard work and dedication to keep building on what is yours to take.

I would like to challenge each of you to examine your life and make the decisions to step out of the ordinary and expect the extraordinary gifts that await you. Each of us are destined for greatness and to fulfill our purpose on the earth. Step into a daring new season of your life, one of boldness, confidence and courage!  It’s there..it’s been with you all along. We are designed with an unstoppable spirit, to be achievers and conquerors in life. Just think of the sweet surprises God has in store for you.  Don’t waste another week in stagnation letting boredom and routine overtake you while forgetting your purpose.

The definition of purpose will be different for each of us so don’t compare yourself to anyone. Everyone has passions, dreams and vision for their life and I believe purpose is found within that. Don’t fret if it hasn’t come to you yet..think about the words passion, dreams, vision. What makes your heart light up?

Each of you are special in the eyes of God and your lives have meaning and they matter. I have a few questions that you can ponder over:

1.       Are you daring enough to believe God for the impossible?

2.       Are you trusting God with your life?

3.       Is the size of your vision for your life intimidating you?

Life is happening all around us and many people rarely take the plunge to dig in and experience it. Make it a point to step out and taste some of the goodness that life is bringing to you today.

Love your life ladies..your purpose is within you.
Take some time today to celebrate just how fearfully and wonderfully made you are.


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