Your Life Story Would It Be A Best Seller?

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Over the weekend while attending my church service a song was sung called, “Your Story” by Big Daddy Weave then tonight I was searching for songs by Francesca Battistelli and found a song she sings called “Write your story” and both resonated with me but what struck me and stood out were the titles of the songs and it made me begin to think about my story. How would my story read…what would it say about me?

Each of us has a life story and it’s in continual motion being played out daily.  If someone picked up your story and read it, how would it read?  Would it be full of drama, unforgiveness, hidden secrets and embarrassing moments? Would it pique the reader’s interest? Better question is would you really want someone to read your story?

I know mine would have some scenes that I wouldn’t want to share with the reader. The beauty of changing our life’s course is that it’s never too late to’s never too late to make our lives a great read. This goes back to the beginning of the year for me when I decided I was going to alter my life’s course for the better. There were people and habits I was carrying around that wasn’t adding any life value to me. I call those habits boat anchors and they were causing me to drown…pushing me further away from my dreams and destiny.

Change does not come quickly or easy. But it’s in the doing and the constant moving forward that we begin to see the sky opening up. As for me I’ve also reached out to the ONE who can carry me through and break the chains off of my life. Basically, bad habits or bad decision-making are like weighted chains wrapped around us..we carry them around..making little progress because we can’t carry the load- it’s way too heavy.

When the heavy chains start to break off (what ever weights you are carrying with you) the world starts to look differently. We begin to speak differently, respond to people differently, things that once bothered us seem to no longer have a hold or a tight grip over us. It’s almost like a ray of light beaming down on our face, illuminating the change or breakthroughs.

Don’t spend another year going around the mountain, making the same mistakes, talking the same talk and doing the same ole’ thing getting the same ole’ results. Make your story a best seller! Mixed with great friends, full of love, living your life’s dream, adventure, freedom from fear, kindness and doing for others and giving back. There are tons of stuff that make for a great story…add the ones you want and begin to work towards having them. Every path we take leads us to a’s making the right choice that brings us closer to our dreams and the life we want to lead.

Remember..make your life the ultimate best sellers!


  1. Emily says:

    This is such good advice — everyone wants to be the hero of their story, but it helps to think about whether anyone would want to read that story!


    • levisandrubies says:

      You are right Emily, it’s self reflecting to think would anyone want to read our life stories? The wonderful thing about it is it’s never to late to change our life course. We may not have had such a great beginning to our lives but we can make the choice to ramp it up and have an awesome story!

  2. Sheree says:

    I love this. I’ve made a conscious decision that this year, I’m going to actually change the things I dislike about myself instead of continuing my cycle of insecurity and self-hate.

    Sheree (

    • levisandrubies says:

      That’s excellent Sheree! It all begins with the first step of making up our minds in the direction of what we want our lives to be.

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